Are IRL Partnerships Going Virtual or Virtual Partnerships Going IRL?

Chandler Luhowskyj
Chandler Luhowskyj7 Apr, 2022

We hope you had a fantastic first week of Q2. While we’re shocked that we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2022, we’re also looking forward to the warm(er) weather to come and opportunities to reconnect with family, loved ones, and partnership pals IRL in the months to come.

Let’s see what’s happened the past week 👇

Your Next Flight Might Be Grounded

A partnership of air and land, not seen since the evolution of the bird.

Partnerships Hit Online Communities

Reddit’s online communities are notorious for battling against each other, r/place looks to change that.

Love Partnerships & a Good Deal?

It’s almost time to grab your tickets for Catalyst! Join the waitlist to get first access to the best prices.

Other news we’re watching

  • Don’t bother unmuting on your next call — The next time someone reminds you you’re on mute over Zoom, you’ll be able to play it off like it was intentional with your new ASL skills thanks to Snapchat.
  • Some light weekend reading — Atlanta star, Donald Glover interviewed Donald Glover (yes, you read that right) for Interview Magazine.
  • Vying for a raise this quarter? — Don’t cite inflation! Leverage these tips instead. Or, find a fantastic new role via the PL Job Board.

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