Giving founders a competitive advantage

We’ve assembled a network of value-added angel investors who open up their experience and network as well as invest their own capital to help the founders we invest in to be successful. 

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As founders and early employees at great companies, we know start-up founders don’t just need access to venture capital and a great idea to build a successful company. Start-ups with great advisors, early customers, and access to a strong talent network have a significantly increased probability of going all the way. 

Why PLI?

Partnership Leaders Investments, PLI, gives founders building the Seed - Series B companies we partner with additional tools and network access to grow their company including:


Get connected to potential customers and the next users of your product.


Leverage the extended network of some of the best executives in tech to get introduced to strategic hires on your team.


The PLI angel investor network includes experienced leaders in Sales, Product, Marketing, Success, and Partnerships.


Access hundreds of potential angel investors in leadership positions at the best tech companies interested in writing personal angel checks.

Value-added Angel investors, made simple

PLI is an angel investor syndicate made up of executives and operators at leading companies across the tech ecosystem. Our average check size is between $100k-$250K and we generally have ~10 angels participate in an investment.

We bring together the value-add of our angel investors while keeping your cap table and admin simple with a single investing entity. 

The outsized value-add coupled with our smaller check size means tier 1 VCs are happy to make space for us in the rounds they’re leading. We follow the terms of the lead investor and aim to turn around our whole process from first meeting to wiring funds in less than two weeks. 

Who do we invest in?

  • B2B software and data technology companies
  • Seed, Series A, or Series B stage
  • Building for Sales, Partnerships, Success, Marketing, or Product teams
  • Delivering a product to users already (MVP is OK)
  • Actively raising and have a lead investor
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Recent Investments Include


Who participates in PLI?

The Angel Investors in our syndicate are active executives and operators at leading tech companies like Salesforce, Amplitude, Google, Hubspot, Avalara, Twilio, Amazon and many more. 

PLI Angels lead a broad range of organizations at these companies and we have particularly strong coverage of executives and operators running the best Partnerships & Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Success and Product organizations.

How does it work?

We aim to turn around our process within 14 days once we decide to proceed with an investment. To meet that deadline we run a simple and efficient process:

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