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Partner Program Planning, Goal Setting, and Forecasting

How Industry Experts Leveled-up Their Partner Programs Through Planning, Goal Setting, and Forecasting

Dig into insights from partnerships experts on planning, goal setting, and forecasting for your partner program.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin18 Jan, 2022
Working Cross-functionally

Best Practices for Working Cross-functionally with Product

This article explores best practices for working cross-functionally with product teams as a partnerships professional.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin12 Jan, 2022
Women in Partnerships

How Amanda Nielsen Reframed Workplace Harassment and Owned Her Personal Brand

Amanda Nielsen discusses her journey into partnerships, reframing workplace harassment, and her growing social media presence.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin6 Jan, 2022
Partner Ecosystems

How Freshworks Rapidly Grew Their Integration Ecosystem in 2021

Krishanth Thangarajah, Head of Global Technology Partnerships at Freshworks joins us to discuss their team’s initiatives in 2021 and goals for 2022.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin20 Dec, 2021
Innovative Partner Programs

How Yotpo’s Innovative Partner Program Has Contributed to their Ongoing Growth

Discover how Yotpo’s innovative partner program has supported their ongoing growth in the e-commerce marketing segment.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin16 Dec, 2021
Partner Exec

John McCabe’s Journey to 100% Channel Sales at ThirdPartyTrust

John McCabe discusses how he’s supported ThirdPartyTrust’s shift to 100% channel sales motions.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin8 Dec, 2021
Strategic Partnerships

Alexis Petrichos’s Powerful Framework for Growing Chili Piper’s Partner Program

Alexis Petrichos discusses what he’s been working on over at Chili Piper this year and his goals for 2022.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin6 Dec, 2021
Partner Marketing

From Parades to Partnerships: How Lindsay Kolinsky Has Implemented an Incredible Events Strategy for Okendo

Lindsay Kolinsky discusses the initiatives she’s implemented since joining the Okendo team earlier this year.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin2 Dec, 2021
Partner Operations

Ze Proença’s Strategies for Growing the Zapier Partner Ecosystem

Ze Proença, Manager, Partner Operations at Zapier shares his journey into partnerships and his success in partner ops.

Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin1 Dec, 2021

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