From Coastal Boom City to a Zoom Town Near You

Travis Bradley
Travis Bradley12 Mar, 2021

“We used to live in tall towers and go into these places called ‘offices’. They are like houses, but everyone wore skinny jeans and J Crew shirts.” – All of us in 20 years. 

In the past year, 7/10 American workers moved online — a stark change from the 10% of us that got to brag about it. This year, parents sent out “the Zoom” meetings, your couch became the office and you instantly realized that you didn’t need to live above a nightclub to save time for your commute.   

According to research from Zillow, two million renter households are in the market for homeownership because they are able to telecommute, 5% of all moves were pandemic related with almost 3 million adults moving in with their parents. Where did you all go? 

Zoom Towns” 

Miami, Denver, Austin, Charlotte, Nashville, Gilbert, Bozeman, Jackson, and Truckee… It sounds like the invite list for a 3-year-old’s birthday party, but it’s where populations are bursting with Avocado toast hungry, demand-generating SDRs moving in their standing desks.  

That said, we’re not ready to rule out offices and big cities but we’re excited to watch everyone clean their eavestroughs.

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