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Cass Polzin
Cass Polzin11 Aug, 2022

We warned you about this moment, and it’s arrived! Catalyst has completely sold out and is now a waitlist-only event. This is spectacular — if you’re headed to Miami, there will be tons of partner pros to network with! 

If you didn’t get a chance to grab tickets, members will get exclusive access to presenter insights and recordings. So, apply now to join the community.

You still have to wait a few more weeks for Catalyst, but thankfully the PL;DR is already here!

Emoji Go Open Source

Microsoft announced an emoji refresh this week along with other big news.

Weekend Listening 🎧 8/12

Tune in to these recent industry podcasts from Partnered and Allbound to get you through the weekend.

Other News We’re Watching

  • Spotify supplements streaming — You may soon be able to purchase artist tickets right from Spotify as the streaming services tests concerts sales. Unfortunately, it sounds like Spotify will add more fees on top of existing exorbitant prices. 
  • Here’s a blast from the past — Take a deep dive into the nostalgic soundtrack of Nokia ringtones.
  • ISP providers hate this one trick — A Michigan man got fed up with the fees & trickery of his local ISP and decided to launch his own. Now, he’s expanding his offerings to more residents.

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