The TikTokification of Social Media

Chandler Luhowskyj
Chandler Luhowskyj16 Jun, 2022

Remember when stories became inescapable on every social media platform? Snapchat started a trend, and it made sense when Instagram followed, but we were surprised to see nearly every other platform adopt stories, too (even LinkedIn…we still don’t get that one).

Now, the same thing is happening with TikTok. Instagram launched Reels to compete with TikTok and Facebook has made it easier to get trapped in an endless loop of meaningless videos. Now, Instagram has taken it one step further by introducing full-sized view

Meanwhile, Elon Musk called for Twitter to be more like TikTok. What happened to innovation, people?! 

That’s where the future of social media could come in: your homescreen widgets. Users, particularly Gen Z, value authenticity more than anything when it comes to social platforms.

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