Help Us Write the Next Chapter of Partnerships: PL;DR 8/19

Chandler Luhowskyj
Chandler Luhowskyj19 Aug, 2022

Howdy, Partners!

We’re less than one week away until our first-ever Catalyst conference in Miami! It’s going to be two days of everything and anything related to partnerships, with the added bonus of beautiful scenery and not one, but two yachts! Even Chief Brody from Jaws would be downright jealous.

If you’re unable to make it to the conference IRL, don’t worry — PL members will get exclusive access to watch recordings of all of the events. Piña coladas and flip-flops are optional but highly encouraged.

Not a PL member yet? Be sure to apply today to ensure you’re able to get the full scoop on everything that was discussed at Catalyst.

Here are this week’s highlights!

Say Goodbye to Weird Facebook Marketplace Interactions

DoorDash and Meta partner up to save you from sketchy Facebook Marketplace interactions.

Airbnb Doesn’t Want You to Party Rock

You’ll have to look elsewhere when planning your next house party.

Other news we’re watching

  • Dodge makes electric cars go vroom-vroom — Because a real muscle car should be as loud as possible.
  • Air Canada offers vegan water — Air Canada is in hot water (air?) after giving a vegan passenger nothing but a bottle of water and a napkin during a 10-hour flight. We’ll be sure not to complain if we don’t get a second bag of pretzels during our next flight.

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