Building Great Partner Programs: Inside and Out with Darren Bibby and Elizabeth Barr

Juancho Aguerre
Juancho Aguerre12 Apr, 2023

Building a Partner Program is one of the most challenging and complex parts of working in a Partnerships organization. In order for the program to be successful, you have to keep in mind several variables like attribution, partner tiers, internal buy-in and more. We are launching a monthly event series, hosted by Darren Bibby and Elizabeth Barr, that will help you build and escalate your partner program.

About our hosts

Darren Bibby is known for his 10 years as the leading partnering analyst at research firm IDC and for building the DocuSign Partner Program over 5 years.  Darren now runs AlignedPartner, studying partner programs and helping software companies improve across all the areas we’ll be talking about in these sessions. 

Building Great Partner Programs, an event series by Darren Bibby
Darren Bibby, Principal at AlignedPartner

Elizabeth Barr has over 10 years of experience as a Global Executive Leader, demonstrating a track record in strategic alliances and partnerships. She is currently the Director of Alliances & Partnerships at HUMAN. She specializes in overseeing large organizational internal supply chains, cross-collaborating with multiple teams to meet specific customer needs, and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Elizabeth Barr, Director of Alliances & Partnerships at HUMAN

Who should join the Building Great Partner Programs series?

This series is ideal for Channel Chiefs or those responsible for building a new partner business, especially if you have either Partner Strategy or Programs in your title. You’ll also get a lot of useful insights out of this series if you have an operations role and you want to get in on the conversation before it hits Salesforce and the actual implementation.

What topics will be explored?

Each session will have a couple of topics as a guide. Here’s a high level view of the full series:

  • Session 1April 21st: Introduction | Best Practices in Partner Incentives and Attribution / Influence | Five Things to Scale | Open Discussion – PL Members can check out the recording here.
  • Session 2: – May 19th: Telling the Partner Story | Convincing the C-Suite | Open Discussion – PL Members can check out the recording here.
  • Session 3June 16th: Developing a Program Mindset | Documentation Strategy | Open Discussion – PL Members can check out the recording here.
  • Session 4July 21st: Tiered Program Design | Building a 1:Many Partner Management Team | Building an Offshore Program Ops Team | Open Discussion – Postponed
  • Session 5 August 18th: How to Harmonize with Direct Sales (Comp Neutrality programs and more) | Open Discussion
  • Session 6September 15th: Best Practices in Partner Systems and Data Strategies | Best Vendors | Open Discussion
  • Session 7 – October 20th: Building a Partner Portal | Building a Partner Directory | Open Discussion
  • Session 8 – November 17th: Best Practices with Partner Advisory Councils | Open Discussion
  • Session 9 – December 15th: Holiday Topic Surprise | Year in Review | Open Discussion

What’s the dynamic of each session?

Darren and Elizabeth will kick off each session with one of the topics on the agenda and share his perspectives and tips. They will provide PL Members with concrete and actionable insights. The idea is to have and engaging and open session where people can bring their own best practices as well. There will also be some time during each event for questions and other topics that attendants might want to bring to the group.

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Additional notes:

  • You are welcome to connect with Darren and Elizabeth on LinkedIn  – mention Partnership Leaders in your connect invite

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