Anyone Else Need a Siesta?: PL;DR 8/5

Chandler Luhowskyj
Chandler Luhowskyj5 Aug, 2022

We hope August is off to a great start and you’re enjoying the summer! We’re counting down the days until we’re soaking up the sun in Miami and learning from some of the best and brightest minds at Catalyst. Don’t sweat it if the heat isn’t your jam, there’s plenty of AC to go around at the convention center. 

Here’s what’s happening this week 👇

Web3 Coming to a Rewards Program Near You

Starbucks aims to entice frequent customers with NFT perks & other Web3 goodies.

Northern Europe Embraces Siestas

As the heat wave spreads across Europe so does the popularity of the mid-day nap.

TicketTok On Your FYP

Ticketmaster and TikTok have partnered up to make it easier than ever to purchase tickets for your favorite new band.

Other news we’re watching

  • Want to own a photo of young Zuck? – Well, you’re in luck. Now you can own his youth baseball card as an NFT in the metaverse. TBH, a limited edition of Mark’s Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce sounds more enticing.
  •  Krill inspires window innovation – An unexpected sea creature has inspired the creation of new technology that could change how buildings heat and cool themselves. 
  • Catalyst tickers are almost sold out – We’re only 19 days away (‼️) from the inaugural launch of Catalyst! We’re dangerously close to selling out, so be sure to snag your ticket for the hottest event in partnerships. 

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